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We bring farms or fishermen to your neighborhoods

Our Expertise

Bringing in live seafood products from all across the North and the South America. 

Our Commitment

Our products are wild caught or harvested, processed in HACCP certified facilities, Country of Origin declared, and properly labeled.

Our Philosophy

Sustainability, Environment Friendly, and Affordability.

Our Experience

Since the inception of the Company, there is no continent we did not visit. We imported countless products and tested for affordability, availability, and sustainability.

What We Do


We import varieties of live and fresh seafood from all over the world.


We export our products to customers worldwide.


Our professional fleet delivers to restaurants, retailers, wholesalers, and more.


Please visit

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Our Team

Our dedicated team members relentlessly pursuit of fresh seafood across Americas to bring the sustainability seafood to your neighborhoods.

Our Facility

State of the Art equipment , machines, and fixtures to provide the freshest and cleanest live seafood products. 

Live Tank

We use the cleanest ocean water available to depurate live seafood in our tanks. Live, fresh, and clean are our promise.

Phone: 562-906-9988

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Cold Storage

We have cold and frozen storage in-house. 

Phone: 562-906-9988


We have special deals for wholesalers/distributors. Order your products in advance and we will make sure your products are ready for pick up or delivered timely. Please contact us for detail.

Phone: 562-906-9988

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